What is love

Love hurts but it also heals

It breaks but it will restore

It binds self captive yet sets the soul free

It delivers fruit but it requires much effort

It is expensive yet at times carefree

It is hard to navigate it but without it you will be lost



My mother

To the one who dressed me in bows

and gifted me with green striped pajamas

For the woman who read me books

And helped me feed my goldfish

For the giver of my meals

And the one who nursed me from her chest

Who combed my hair and taught me how to dress

Who held me when I cried

Who wiped my tears goodbye

Who prayed over me each and every day

To the mother who saved my classroom grades by bringing me my lost homework

Who stayed up all night wiht me to do my science project

To my biggest basketball game fan

And my most inspirational coach

To the woman who calls me every day

And yet still sends snail mail..

It’s not the things you did

It’s the person you are

It’s the way you’ve loved me

Your the one who set me free

You showed me the God in heaven

You showed me that kindness came from within

You showed me beauty and grace

You showed me even enemies can be friends

And I know momma- that no matter what ever happens

I’ll always be with you

In my heart

In my mind

In everything that’s true

So God protect my mommy

Don’t let her be sick

My mother is needed

My mother’s my gift

So God thank you for my mommy

Heal her quick

miss independent

I used to think that I could do this on my own

courageous steps forward

hop scotch

no big deal

third and fourth grade math

I’ve got this

Call me independent

brave and competent

I’ll soon be on my flight


Alaska Korea hear me roar

Hear the fight song

radiate from inside my chest

I’ll race you to the finish line

and beat you in my dress

But life’s not a race

So it won’t matter who finishes first


Some traffic roads are far too busy

And I realize I’m not used to driving

In a town so far away

With a dialect I’ve never known

And white skin and naieve blue eyes

Call attention to the fact

That I don’t belong


As men whistle my name

I find myself hurting


For someone who sees beyond my blonde hair

And knows my name

Not just the name I wear

But the character and depth of my personality

But it’s just then that I understand

I’m too far from home


I’ve ran away so far

That I don’t realize

The man that startles me

And grabs my arm

Bruised but not bleeding

I will stand my ground

Because you must be strong in a foreign land



And as I heard the broken road song begin

I said to myself I must go home

Before it’s too late

Don’t forget about me

I’m coming home



You don’t know me

You thought that I was just being rude

When I didn’t say anything to you

Yet you didn’t notice the smile I gave you

Pained by the loss I suffered


You called me a fool

When I understood more than the surface

That blinded your eyes

But I chose not to correct your ignorance


You thought that I was weak

When I chose to be kind

You took my money in vain

And you didn’t comprehend my generosity


You stuck me in a lonely box

And bared me in

Locking the doors all around me

I was stuck in a cage that I didn’t own


The person caged didn’t know me

And I struggled and fought to speak

Without being reprimanded or laughed at

Or misunderstood for a different kind of animal


For a long time I felt like a strange prisoner

Until a man came along and set me free

Took the bars off the cage and gently lifted me into the air

I opened my wings and like a butterfly flew away


It’s funny because as soon as I came out

Everyone acted like they were my best friend

We remember you they said

As I flew through the forest


But as I flew from flower to flower

I stopped to tell them

I’m sorry but I’m not the one you thought you knew

I never knew you. And then I flew away.



Last days at the hospital

There’s lots of noises on this floor

Can’t dream sweet thoughts anymore

Too much beeps and buzzing here

And yet I feel alone


Lying in my hospital bed

They say the surgery almost had me dead

Sick and getting too much meds

On ventilators now


And then I heard a different sound

Down the hall I looked around

Saw a six year old dancing

Following her dreams


She did a few quick twirls and spins

Let down long pretty hair

And then began to sing

A sweet hymn I heard from there


She sang amazing grace

How sweet the sound was sung

She poked in her little head

And I whispered girl  please come


Please come to my room tonight

To dance here with my dreams

Bring back happy thoughts of heaven

Despite the way things seem


Oh just to talk to your pretty face

It’d make me feel alright

Make me think of heaven

And send me on my flight


Just then I heard the girl no more

Instead I closed my eyes

Next thing you know I heard the trumpets

Heard my Lord say “Rise”


I said Lord you gave me peace and brought me threw

Thank you

Glory glory

Hallelu-halle-loo, hallelujah

Army of God

A bomb threat to my head tonight

Dropped full view in vision sight

Those lies I learned when I was young

Come back to me and haunt my song


I used to stand so firmly strong

Thinking nothing would ever prove me wrong

I wore my Jesus tattoo for all to see

I was proud of the light they all saw in me


But now I’m all alone inside

Broken, strayed, too dim a light

The gun has robbed my flesh tonight

The medic sirens aren’t in sight


A soldier nearby is shot afar

My friend retires from the war

Says he can’t take the pain anymore

Wants to drink his misery like the rest


I scarcely hear the drums beat

I whisper slowly the mission creed

The chant I used to know so well

Is only a vague hope inside my head


I tell myself not to fear the pain

For I know it’s all for my Lords gain

The battles in the middle night

Can’t stop or separate me from His light


Yet as the tear gas blinds my sight

I can’t help but cry tonight

Is this the plan you had in sight?

Is this the victory you had for me?







Stop. What does it take to slow you down

And make you pause to gasp

Don’t breathe too quick

Life’s not a trick

Or a game

It’ll be o’er before you know


Wish. But don’t just wish

Please pray

Use a bit of faith

To pray for a dear friend

Who’s lying on her death bed

Looking for some life


Life- a temporary gift

The world spins round too fast

You’ll miss

your own life if you blink

And look away


I know it’s painful to stare

death into the face

But care requires sacrifice

Do you even know her name?

She’s one of your own.


So slow down

Turn off the tv

Pray for a friend in need

She’s just like you and me

She needs prayer

And life.